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Channeling the laws of vibration: your "quality" relationship

Happy Monday Beautiful People!! Mirë se vjen (Welcome)

"The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone"

Let's go........

It takes self-certainty and putting out to the universe that you are ready for a "high vibe" relationship in order to gain that quality individual.

Sometimes we get stuck in past dating patterns of attracting partners that are not good for us. We need to consciously shift the type of relationships we attract; it isn't easy, however, it can be done.

Letting go of toxic dating and relationship patterns. At some point, you should recognize what's not working, what caused the heartbreak, and the steps needed to heal leading up to making the conscious decision to stop the cycle.

Recognizing that you are the common denominator in past relationships. This was a very painful revelation for me; after one failed relationship after another, I had to figure out why I was choosing the wrong men. What was the common factor? the answer was ME! I was choosing the wrong men, re-scripting bad dating patterns, and relationships. This is where self-evaluation, healing, and reflection comes. We have to come face to face with our own issues, understanding the "whys" in our dating and relationship choices in order to go through the process of creating a brand new script.

Dedication to the healing process. Once we begin to heal and practice self-love, we begin to attract others who are healed and will love us in a healthy manner. We treat others how we want to be treated. If your self-love is on fire and mindset is healthy regarding relationships, you'll start to attract high-quality individuals who will treat you the same.

Be intentional when dating. Date with purpose. Date someone that exhibits amazing characteristics and values. When the focus is on the aesthetic and materialism, that's not the foundation for a relationship, it's wasted time and displaced energy with the end result being another empty failed relationship. The emphasis has to be on the qualities of that potential someone; his or her ability to make you laugh, smile, provoke thought, be your friend first, (valuing the friendship), all else will beautifully fall into place.

Let go of those that are not high quality. Instead of wishing or trying to fix someone, let go; believe that you deserve better; you can't nor should change a person; let go to create space for someone better, free of the drama and consistent self-compromise.

Grow individually and as a couple. Comfort zones are dangerous in a relationship; we grow complacent then at some point and lose interest. Individual growth sets the tone for the growth in the relationship It should be our propensity for growth that adds dynamic to the relationship; I believe this is the key ingredient to the long term.

Ladies, own your femininity and beauty. When our vibrational energy is high, it shows through the way we carry ourselves, through our smiles, attitude, and our words. It draws high-quality individuals. It starts with self-care, self-love; when you possess both, you become an unstoppable force, only demanding what you deserve-the best. I can't speak for our kings, but I am guessing this is along the same line as our masculine counterparts.

For you, TUW.....grateful for you EVERY SINGLE DAY....You are my muse...

Until the next post beautiful people....share...

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