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Creating a silver lining amidst COVID-19

Beautiful people!!! I am so hoping that everyone is taking the precautions necessary to care for yourselves and your loved ones..we are in a moment of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. It is almost expected to not even think about a light at the other end of the tunnel; and why not? the number of confirmed cases is growing daily; as of now any hope of a vaccine won't come to fruition any time soon; the reality of it all is that we are in this for an indefinite amount of time.

So now what? There are a number of us (myself included) that must work from home. Schools are closed, thus having our children at home attempting to now carve a new academic normal by way of online learning. New routines have got to be created to accommodate this climate; however, it doesn't have to be complete doom & gloom or stress...there are a number of things that we can do to switch things up to a more positive light:

1. Take it easy (slow down). I truly believe that this situation is an invitation to slow down; to take the opportunity to do the things that in any other scenario we would have been too busy to do.

2. Soul wisdom connection. Take the time to either discover or rediscover the power of meditation or prayer; our soul wisdom is connected to our sense of spirituality-the visionary guidance that every last one of us has access to deep within.

3. Re-evaluation. When we are faced with a life challenge, we tend to re-evaluate where we are in life. We think about our belief and values system; is there room for improvement or a hard reset? I look at re-evaluation as a time to reclaim our capacity as powerful beings in peace, harmony,

and empowerment.

4. Make things right. Take the opportunity to make things right; be it adopting new health habits, practicing self-care, mending broken relationships or improving relationships, this is the perfect time to do it.

5. Play music and just DANCE!! Turn off the news (a depressive factor in of itself), give social media a break; we are stuck in a space that we have to make the most of; hook up your playlist, blast music and just dance. Absorb the music, sing along the lyrics, move your body in a way that it feels comfortable, assuring and is the ultimate way to connect with your body; think of it as a reintroduction to your physical self, everyone can and should move.

6. Lastly, gratitude..let's be grateful for being given the chance to breathe in and out when we wake up in the morning. Gratitude breeds positive emotion, it can be the source of happiness when we recognize things to be appreciative for rather than placing emphasis on the negative.

"Today I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit and the voice of hope that says all things are possible"

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