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Energetic protection, we need it!

Hello Beautiful People! I wanted to keep the talk of energy going; this time removing negative energy around you.

Let's go...

Ever find yourself in situations with certain people or social settings drained, exhausted, anxious or overwhelmed? How about experiencing bad energy from others and can't seem to shake those feelings? Does it feel like the negative energy is floating around you and won't leave? more than likely you are in need of energetic protection-both protecting and clearing the energies you have absorbed and further stopping the energies from getting into your energy space.

By now you know I am big on rituals; adding a daily ritual to cleanse and protect yourself, you will experience things such as peace of mind, clear thinking, calmness, and more energy. Everything is energy and everyone has an energy field-an auric field. Individuals, places and things have the capacity to impact your auric field and cause a number of negative symptoms in our body, mind, and spirit. It is important to ground and protect your energetic space daily. My last blog touched on the power of the mantra-in the case of energetic space, let's use this mantra-clear, remove and protect.

There are simple steps to clear, remove and protect you from toxic, negative energies that can be done daily once you wake up and before you go to bed.

1. Clearing your space. It is so important that you clear your space. This ensures no negative energy or residue is moving in your space as you begin to clear and protect. Here are a number of tools that you can utilize:

  • Smudging (my personal favorite) Burning sage or palo santo.

  • Sprays: If burning sage does not sit well with you, sage sprays or other clearing sprays are available.

2. Grounding. Grounding and using the earth's energy is a powerful way to experience an instant calm.

The earth is very powerful. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. repeat this several times. As you breathe, allow yourself to experience the energy of the earth. Think of a strong wave of energy moving slowly through your feet. As you continue to breathe in and out, allow the energy to move up through your feet, into your legs, up to your hips, into your torso, then your chest, throat, shoulders, neck, face, forehead and out the top of your head. Once you feel grounded, move on to the next step.

3. Protection. Envision your spirit guide; it is important to call the guide in to assist in putting up your energetic protection shield. Vision your spirit guide all around you, protecting you. Ask your guide to serve as your protector against the negative energies. Allow your spirit guide's energy to "wash" over you. Feel the "new energy" wrap itself around your body, allow yourself to move within it; experience freedom, clarity, and strength.

Mantra- Clear, Remove and Protect.......

" Life has many different chapters. One bad chapter doesn't mean it's the end of the book."


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