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Hello beautiful people! it is with such great enthusiasm that I write my first blog post. I am hoping that my blogs will inspire, inform, sometimes infuriate but most of all involve-involve you as my readers to comment, push back or provide me with an perspective that I may not have realized..this is all a part of the work, the soul work that will result in growth. I have enclosed with this blog an image of the phoenix; she is actually my logo. Why did I choose the phoenix as the face of Lakota Moon Mindfulness Movement, Life and Soul Coaching? it stems from what the Phoenix represents: rebirth, renewal, regarded as uniquely remarkable and transformative. The phoenix is a fire and solar symbol which dies in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning. To a large degree, we all have the capacity to embrace our own "Phoenix" to shed our current state of being, allow it to burn down, then from the ashes, rise stronger, brighter than ever. Welcome to my world....

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