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Let me stew on self-care....

Beautiful people, welcome!! I have been asked by a number of my clients to write additional blogs about the self-care-of course I will oblige.

In one of my earlier posts, I speak about self-care and the impact it has on our physical, emotional and mental health-self-care is a love ritual to and for ourselves; we should do our very best to hold ourselves accountable when it comes caring for ourselves inside and out.

When I cover self-care with my clients, I have used this self-care wheel as my guide. Adopted from the Self-Care Assessment Worksheet (Saakvitne, Pearlman et. al, 1996) and created by Olga Phoenix Project Healing for Social Change (2013), It does a great job breaking down what self-care SHOULD look like in the various aspects of our lives...

I challenge all of you to look at this wheel, apply it to the different parts of your life; do you practice any of the suggested self-care strategies? is so, YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!! If not, we need to reflect and examine why we aren't practicing any of these...

"Loving yourself is the greatest revolution" SELF-CARE WHEE

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