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Living Regeneratively

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."-Booker T. Washington

Beautiful People!! It has been way too long!!

Let's talk regeneration of self.......

Transforming our connection to the earth and healing from the ground up requires us to remember the connection between our bodies, our roots, and all of life. We have real work to do when it comes to the act of regeneration. The first step is to remember who we are and where we came from. As we remember our connection to the earth and our souls, we remember our innate power, and as we do that we can heal our energetic body systems, as well as the systems of the earth. The way home is back into ourselves—into our inner work that creates our ability to express the outward solutions necessary and co-create together. Finding our sacred sexuality, reconnecting to our true power, maintaining healthy boundaries, and communicating honestly is the way to heal ourselves.

What does it mean to regenerate? Let's start off with something simple...


I find this to be the ultimate act of self-care and physical (as well as mental) regeneration Not having this essential nourishment is a huge red flag that we are not in alignment with. Western culture is famous for sleep-shaming because it runs against the notion of endless productivity and the habit of mining ourselves in the same way we've mined the earth. Replenishing sleep is an act of revolution-it recharges you, preps you for the battle that can be life.


Someone once told me that eating food is an act of lovemaking. How many of us have for decades been running around unconsciously or fervently shoving some foodlike substance into our faces? Just to get to the next place, to do the next thing? Imagine the billions of miraculous interactions in nature that result in the single apple, candy, (or in my case), candy! The sun shining down with all its infinite love. The poetry and flowing wisdom of the water cycle. How could we believe for a moment that the universe is not benevolent? Like sex, our relationship to food is actually about pleasure, expression, love, and the divine.


Like food, this had to be on my list; our bodies desire to express themselves, and pleasure is our birthright. When we remember ourselves as part of nature, we remember that sex is so much more than simple procreation. It's artistry. It's dropping all the way in and being present with ourselves and others. This can absolutely mean self-pleasure, sensualize practices, and consensual, enthusiastic sex with whomever. Sex is sacred. One more time: Sex is sacred. Our creative energy is ours. We belong to ourselves and get to share this, as it serves the highest good of all. Sexual healing is real. So much damage has been enacted and passed along the lines of humanity. Some gentle, sweet, loving healing is in order.


There is power when we tap into our natural rhythm with music as the conduit. Music is the voice of the spirit. Vibration is the language of the universe. It is not hard to understand the magic of music. Whatever genre you're into, music speaks from inside out. The drumbeat—the pulse of our internal heartbeats—is a pathway home to the soul. The more we can integrate music into our lives, the more powerful the healing we'll encounter.


Life is all about service. When our well is full and our cup overflows, we are able to give and serve, which is what we are actually all about. Everything in nature serves the greater good. When we give from a truly loving place, we activate our fundamental purpose—we incarnate to serve. Once we can accept our baseline safety on this earth, we have more than enough to give. Little warms the human heart as much as giving.


Being open to receiving is absolutely central to our wellness. And our disconnection with the inability to receive is the place where so many of us find ourselves disconnected from our ability to receive. Just like resting, sleeping, eating with peace, and enjoying sex, there is space both in our hearts and minds waiting for us to remember the art of receptivity. Our human bodies process a lot. And in order to show up for service, we must be willing to receive in balance.

Lastly...but not least, nature...

Take a walk, observe and feel your surroundings; be it the warm sun caressing your face, or snowflakes cooling the tip of your tongue, to the majestic sight of a sunset or sunrise, all affirm the regenerative force of nature. Whether it’s a simple walk around your neighborhood or a drive to the outskirts of town for a trek through the woods, connecting with nature is incredibly important for our mental and physical health during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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