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Living with intention in 2020

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Hello Beautiful People!

First off, let me apologize for my being MIA, between time management challenges and a number of significant family losses, this has been a difficult time for me, I needed time to breathe and recharge. I now find myself in 2020-time, as my beloved says, waits for no one. I have been in self-reflective mode these last number of months leading to the new year; thinking not about a new year's resolution (I don't believe in that) but what my intention for 2020 will be. Identifying an intention can be difficult; as it is a deliberate action that should generate impact. How can I be intentional? First by living the kind of life to which I feel that I matter. I realize that my life consists of choices-I get to make my own decisions and not let the circumstances of my past negatively determine my life's path. Living intentionally puts me in a space where I can leverage my actions daily, decide what I want my life to look like; with the understanding that everyday is a chance for the "do-over" if warranted.

Living intentionally also means defining my purpose, my passion. My purpose is the driving force as to why I wake up every morning; goals gives me something to work towards and keep me motivated. Are you ready to live your life intentionally??

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