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Motivation Monday: Pulling in your physical energy

Happy Monday Beautiful People!!

Today let's focus on physical energy. Your physical energy should be thought of as your body's central hub of energy. If your physical needs are not met-for example hunger or lack of movement, you won't be unable to function at your full capacity. There are ways that you can trigger your physical energy..

Let's go...

Sleep. There is a reason why you are waking up tired. As we age, deep sleep diminishes which is unfortunate because it is during deep sleep that the body restores itself and refills its energy. During the day if we adopt the action of movement (walking, running, dancing, etc..) your muscles will burn fuel leaving behind a chemical called adenosine, a central nervous trigger that is important in the process of fatigue and contributing to deep restorative sleep.

What we drink. Be mindful of what you are drinking. Like most of you, I am a coffee drinker, I make it a point to not consume it after 2 pm. Caffeine interferes with adenosine production which in turn will deprive me of a good night's sleep. This also rings true for me with alcohol; drinking after 8 pm will totally throw off my sleep flow.

Ease up on devices. Melatonin, another rest inducing chemical, rises naturally when it gets dark. As we get older in age, our levels do experience a decline. Blue light (I am sure many of you have heard about blue light and its impact on our eyes and sleep) from cell phones and computers negatively impacts melatonin production and can prevent us from having a restful sleep.

The power of the walk. A great way to recharge is a brisk walk. In as little as 20 minutes, a walk can give an energy boost for up to 3 hours. As you move, you're providing your brain and body with fresh oxygen and triggering the release of energy inducing chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins. The more you move, the more energy you will have to stay active. Studies show that cardiovascular exercise increases the production of mitochondria, tiny energy-generating structures within cells that transform food to energy, helping you move farther faster.

You gotta eat right. Food fuels us. The right blend of nutrients is crucial for all-day energy. We should be eating something that combines protein with healthy fats and fiber. Processed carbs can cause sugar levels to spike and then drop causing our energy levels to take a nosedive. Our bodies are our temples; we have to provide it with the offering of proper nourishment.

Beautiful people, there you have it; simple ways to harness your physical energy. Thank you to Cardiologist Dr. Sabgir and Registered Dietician Dr. Zied for the valuable information!

"The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet"

-Wayne Fields.

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