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Motivation Monday: Taking charge: self-autonomy

Welcome Beautiful People, I hope the weekend was good for you! It is Monday, back to the grind and hustle-you got this!

"Let Monday be kind to you; be happy with what you have and accept the things which you cannot change."


Let's go......

We sometimes think of co-dependency as primarily existing in relationships between two people. I don't believe this is necessarily so; I believe that all of life is relational; we are in relationships with money, food, the earth, media, our children, pets, and partners. When I think about it all, everything in life is about relationships.

For many souls, when we are not in the "right" relationship with ourselves and our divinely gifted sensitivity, we suffer in many ways. Our physical body suffers, our emotional life feels unbalanced; the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world isn't grounded in reality; we struggle to feel safe and grounded in our authentic truths. This paves the way for co-dependency.

A little something about co-dependency: it is the over-reliance on external factors to feel a certain way. In essence, it's a handing over of your power and allowing people, objects, and life in general to be your permission givers. When in a co-dependent relationship with life, you're at life's mercy; you've completely forgotten your autonomous creative abilities. Seeking external validation, thinking that someone will "complete" (as opposed to complimenting) you, only feeling safe when your bank account has a certain amount in it, turning to food as a form of comfort, only being "ok" with yourself when others are happy or feeling as if you have no value unless you're doing or producing: looking externally for desired states of being and feeling, rather than creating them from within.

All of what I described and more are subtle ways of giving your power away and lying in wait for life to line up for you, rather than you being an active participant and creator; This is outsourcing your autonomy and being in a co-dependent relationship with life.

There are individuals out there forced into introversion; with the feeling that this culture doesn't "get" them and isn't supportive of their unique perspectives; thus safety feels out of reach, it may impact their life experience by way of shame, insecurity, and fear. With the basic need for safety unmet, they begin to feel that in order to gain self-value, they need to feel validation from external sources, feeding the co-dependency beast.

How do we then reclaim our sense of being and declare self-autonomy?

Really be with yourself. Become friends with your inner terrain and realize that literally everything you seek is already within. That perceived sense of acceptance and love you feel for yourself as a result of attention from your partner, is always available within. Think of it this way: when you love, pay attention, and accept yourself, imagine the awesome partner you will then be for your beloved.

Tune into the frequency of the states you are seeking externally. Regardless of what is happening outside of you, once you recognize and reclaim your internal frequencies, you are becoming self-autonomous. Tend to your inner-space and remember that you were always whole and have the ability to create what you seek at will; the external, tangible aspects of your life will follow.

Stop waiting for the external to give you permission to feel a certain way. Nothing can complete you; inanimate objects such as money are only providing a false sense of safety and life will never go how you think it will go. The energy expended on chasing and clinging is wasted. The best use of this energy is on maintaining, protecting, and reclaiming your self-autonomy so that your divinely gifted self can create limitless opportunities.

Thank you Mr. Tylon Usavior Washington for being my primary example of living a life of self-autonomy, I am in awe of you and all that you do, my beloved.

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