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Paying attention to Mother Earth

TGIF!! Beautiful People!! Another week completed. We made it! hug yourself, scream out a validating word, enjoy a glass of wine or seltzer, embrace your week's accomplishment-you did it, you made it through!

"I challenge you to let every day be a Friday. Give yourself permission to be happy every day."

-Joel Osteen

Let's go.......

We cannot deny that there is a significant shift occurring globally right now. The pandemic that we are all impacted by and the movement from Mother Earth forcing us to come together as one. Every morning, there are new changes and challenges; the only difference is we are starting to realize that there are no boundaries and stigmas of race, religion, gender, or culture attached to this. I wonder, how could this unforeseen entity have the capability to make our big world so small? What is Mother Earth trying to tell us?

Truth be told, she has been sending us signs for decades-natural disasters, extreme shifts in weather patterns, particular species on the verge of extinction, and as evidence in the form of a current pandemic, global disease. You would think we would realize that our sense of entitlement is no match to her power. After all, she has nurtured, provided, and protected us for centuries and now has been forced to take her generosity away. Mother Earth knows best and like all great mothers, she is teaching her children social etiquette. We must abide by her rules until she is ready to forgive us.

This pandemic has paved the way to afford us the opportunity to reflect; something the universe has been asking us to do. The act of going "within" and not "without" is the layman term for activating intuition versus the ego-based platform. We are being asked to go "inside" both physically and spiritually. It is time to access the wholeness of the universe and its voice of intuition to remind us that we are not separated but connected. We are all one.

We have been given this opportunity to reunite and display generosity and kindness on a global scale. To practice compassion for the ones whose fate did not win and that their unselfish act is the profound key to learning how to live. We are being called to start at ground zero and work together for a better society. There is a propensity for equity if we reject the status quo.

Go inside and stay inside. It is time to retreat and take note; will the living choose to change their ways for the generations to come and honor Mother Earth? We have got to get it together; to adopt flexibility and become aligned with Mother Earth's natural flow and trust her to lead the way. However, our darkest hours are, Mother Earth is always there to shine her light on a new day and teach us to cultivate kindness, interpersonal awareness of each other and the space we occupy and more importantly, respect of the world we call our own, our home. In all honesty, it is Mother Earth that will ultimately determine when we can go outside and play again.

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