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Rising up to the occasion, unleashing your personal power

Hello Beautiful People! I decided to do something a little different; I am going to start off my blogs with an affirmation or inspirational quote to set the tone for the day's blog. Feel free to provide feedback!

"Sometimes, life will kick you around, but sooner or later, you realize you're not just a survivor, you're a warrior, and you're stronger than anything life throws your way."

-Brooke Davis

Let's go......

I have always believed that the universe has fashioned every last one of us for greatness. When I say greatness, I refer to our limitless capacity to love, to pay it forward, and to live our best possible lives sometimes under the least desirable circumstances. It is our innate sense of survival, the resiliency that is the foundation of our personal power-something we all possess yet we don't tap into it. Defining personal power is simple; I see it as being the acquisition of confidence, the strength that we gradually attain in the course of our personal development; personal power is a natural, healthy striving for satisfaction, self-assertion, positive intentionality and meaning in one's interpersonal world.

There are many articles and books on personal power; all offering great strategies on how to harness your personal power. Though many of these strategies are great, you must believe that you are capable of unleashing your personal power. Unleashed, there is nothing you can't do; your worldview is not limited to what surrounds you; it reaches beyond that scope. I can recall having a conversation with an individual whose only measurement of himself as a person was that at 53 years of age he had the "body of a 20-year-old." this was the gist of the conversation (clearly one-sided). There is nothing wrong with being physically fit and healthy (I mean shouldn't we all strive for good physical health?) but what else? unfortunately, he was unable to go beyond his "bragging" about his physicality; it was a shame; because had he unleashed his personal power, he would realize that he is so much more than a "nice body."

It is so easy to get caught up in one aspect of our lives and hold space for just that one thing when in reality, were are complex beings who inhibit so much more than we realize. So how do we come to recognize our personal power and apply it to the diverse nature of our lives in the here and now? Let's start off with self-management. To self-manage means complete awareness of who you are understanding and respecting boundaries, the ability to regulate your emotions, behavior, and thoughts, this includes self-motivation, delaying instant gratification, managing stress, and setting goals be it professional, personal or both.

It is so important to know how your body and mind function and what situations trigger your stress response system. Your personal power comes in knowing that you may not like the difficult scenarios, but you got this, you can handle it. Personal power enables you to rise to any potentially stressful situation, handling it with skill and grace.

There may be times when you may feel out of control in the face of your emotions; don't be a victim of negative or runaway thinking. Personal power comes in knowing how to rid your mind of the negative thoughts so that the focus is on productivity. To bring it all home, cultivating a growth mindset is vital to embracing your personal power. When we are comfortable with taking risks, accepting new challenges, and trying something new, we adopt a growth mindset. Those who adopt a growth mindset will more than likely find ways to break out of poor habits and are open to the idea that there is always more than one way to handle an issue.

I encourage you to unleash your personal power, even without the tools, knowing who you are, what you bring to the table of life is a strong foundation. YOU GOT THIS!!

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