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Snakes do it, why can't we "shed" our skin??

Happy Monday Beautiful People!! Another week, the opportunity to tackle our grind..

Let's go...

Annoyed, irritated, aggravated, ready for change, sickened with the current state of affairs. This is how a snake may feel right before shedding its skin to reveal a whole new one, yet a snake knows how to move through change seamlessly.

Let me be clear, a snake is an expert in skin shedding; the snake shows us how to let go of the old way and slip into the new skin. However, it doesn't feel as sexy and sleek as it sounds; it is so much more. When a snake is about to shed, the old skin becomes dry and constrictive. For a number of days as the old skin is detaching itself from the new layer, the snake feels like it is crawling out of its own skin feeling agitated, annoyed, and irritable. The old and new layers of skin overlap over the eyes interfere with the snake's vision making it feel scared, anxious and vulnerable-something this pandemic has many of us feeling.

Our culture is being forced out of old skin and we don't even know who we are underneath yet. What we do know is that this transition is far more irritating and agitating, leaving us at a space of vulnerability that we'd never thought possible. So what is it that snakes do to make the process of shedding old skin easier? Though we are not snakes, metaphorically we can take cues from their skin changing ritual to apply within our lives during this time of uncertainty.

Rest- As the old skin sheds, the snake slows down. When we are at rest, sleep, in particular, blood flow increases, and the organ rebuild its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots.

Belly to earth moves faster- The snake reminds us that we can move swiftly by getting grounded-literally putting belly to earth and breathing fully; this charges us with the electromagnetic power of the natural earth forces, thus having us rest more efficient so we can then move faster in action.

Sunshine is fuel- It is easy to forget the sun itself is our power source. It powers the plants we eat, our vision, skin, and our warmth. Basking in the sunshine is critical to our mental and physical health (can we say vitamin D?).

Swallow more than you can chew but always allow plenty of time for it to digest- The snake reminds us to follow our impulses to take a bite out of life but to also take the time we need to integrate what we choose.

Undulate the spine to stay alive- Our brains, imaginations, and drives numb out; spinal ripples, dancing, lovemaking, yoga, deep breathing-these things work in part because they make us ripple the spine, which carries the fuel of life itself from bottom to top.

Feel the vibe-Vibration is the way snakes sense danger, food, and just about anything else. With bellies to earth, we can feel the vibration- the energy vibrations around us to know what we can trust, and what we should step away from.

Isn't it time that we "shed" our skin? no matter how uncomfortable it can be.......

"Don't forget to tell yourself positive things daily. You must love yourself internally to glow externally."

Hannah Bronfman

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