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Wellness Wednesday: How aware is your hair?

Happy Wednesday Beautiful People! I just completed a video chat with my loctician (Ms. Jade) who is unable to make it out to NY due to the current climate (thus leaving me with the arduous task of caring for my own locs). Ms. Jade not only inspired my lock journey, but she was also very instrumental in cultivating it. Many moons later I have a healthy head of thigh-length locs; I thank Ms. Jade for that.

Ms. Jade is a dynamite loctician, and a trichologist; an expert in hair loss issues such as baldness, breakage, and problems related to the scalp. Hair loss was never an issue for me; I was just grateful that she had the additional training and experience that would benefit my hair health. When we spoke I thought it would be a great idea for her to provide insight on what makes up solid scalp and hair health.

Let's go...

I asked Ms. Jade, "how aware is your is your hair?" Her response:

" First off, your hair, whether it is loc'd, straight, natural fro, curly or process is part of your life which should be the manifestation of what is happening within. Your hair is a living part of your being; the hair on your head actually communicates with each other to coordinate growth-I know this sounds crazy but it is true. When genetics, age or health ailments disrupt the signaling, follicles no longer grow as a group which can lead to hair loss. You can't fight genetics or age, however, there are measures that you can take to keep hair healthy; what we put in our bodies impact hair loss and growth."

Below are a few recommendations from Jade as it relates to healthy hair

Scalp Massage

I can't think of no better way of loving your hair than a scalp massage. Massaging helps improve blood circulation in the scalp which jump-starts hair growth.

Keep coloring hair to a minimum and to the professionals

Colored hair needs to be treated and cared for by a professional. When hair is colored it is prone to dehydration and must be handled with care; during the coloring process, the molecular bonds that bind hair are broken down; excessive coloring will eventually weaken hair and cause it to break.

Hair Treatments

Hot oil and steam treatments are therapeutic for dry and irritated scalps, facilitating moisture infusion that will hydrate hair. FYI, no matter what the hair texture, moisture equates to healthy hair growth.

Water, water, water

Drinking water helps keep skin and hair hydrated from within, which promotes hair growth.


Salmon has been shown to boost hair health in women largely in part to Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin content.


Scalps that experience itching or scaling would benefit from a solution of 90% honey and 10% distilled water applied to the scalp every other day for 4 weeks; not only will this soothe a problem scalp, it will decrease hair loss.

Nuts and Seeds

There are studies that validate the impact that omega 3, and 6 essential fatty acids which are present in nuts and seeds such as walnuts, flaxseeds, and oils that include grapeseed (my go-to loc oil) sunflower and sesame, significantly reduces hair loss.


One study revealed that women with hair loss have significantly lower iron and vitamin D2 levels; Spinach is a great source due to it being rich in iron and vitamin C which aids in iron absorption.

Thank you, Ms. Jade!

"Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't; start loving yourself for everything you are."


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