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You and the flow of money

Hello Beautiful People! Let's talk about aligning with money..yes money....

Let's go!

Ever heard the term "money is the root of all evil"? or "more money more problems"? as a society, we seem to have an oil and vinegar relationship with money; when we have it, GREAT! when we don't, we curse the world wishing we had multitudes of it. We can shift the conditioned mindset we have towards money by looking at it through a spiritual lens; yes, I said spiritual.

Money and spirituality together create a type of alignment that allows you to be at ease with how money enters and exits your life; when money and spirituality are aligned, there is less likelihood of incurring stress; your money has a purpose that connects with your core values which can lead to financial security.

I in the blue hell do we align money and spirituality??

No worries I got you:

1. Welcome the flow and express gratitude. Stop complaining ( I don't make enough, my ass is always broke, bills bills bills) If you are always viewing money in a negative light, the more you will distance yourself from the pending blessing of abundance. Remove all negativity; commit to welcoming the flow of money into your life; every time you get paid, receive a gift or buy something for yourself, express gratitude and savor the feeling of prosperity and abundance.

2. Think about the conscious and the subconscious mind. Our conscious mind exercises the analytical, the logical; our subconscious is the area of the mind that manifests our desires. Both of these should be examined when it comes to the relationship with money, The conscious mind needs to be comfortable with the day to day money management before leaning the subconscious mind to manifest the next level of wealth you desire.

3. Visualizing your money. Focus on the experiences you will have to incur more money; this is an effective way to have a deeper relationship with it. It is up to you to decide what experiences you want with money and focus on the feelings and the outcome of that experience. For example, if taking a vacation is something you'd love to do, work out how much you will need to fund this goal and set up a savings plan. Once that is done, focus on having the experience-the manifestation! At times, I will have my clients use visualization (sometimes by way of creating a vision board or pulling imagery from the web) to foster a deeper connection to their goal; more so if what they want to experience is going to take some time to save for.

"In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power"

-Yuval Noah Harari

4. Responsibility for your financial world. The relationship we have with money is a powerful one; it can impact many areas of our lives; including personal relationships, our health and how we view ourselves. When you connect the way you manage your money and your spirituality together-it can be something so beautifully beneficial and will support solid money management which in turn will support confidence, stronger, happier relationships and the feeling of accomplishment.

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