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You can do this: avoiding relapse during the coronavirus climate

Hello Beautiful People! For those who practice religion, hoping you are having a blessed Holy Thursday, and for those who don't practice, happy Thursday...

Let's go...

Trying to keep a sense of normalcy during this pandemic can be a challenge, but for those who are trying to maintain sobriety, it can be a struggle. Achieving sobriety is not easy, more so maintaining it. In these days of staying indoors, the inability to attend physical meetings or engaging in activities that supports sobriety may put an individual in a situation that may not guarantee a positive outcome.

When faced with the threat of "falling off the wagon" what can a person do?

The most important moment before relapse isn't the final decision to drink or use drugs; it's when you decide to expose yourself to triggers. In my neighborhood, there are two business open-the neighborhood market and the liquor store; one conflicted about their sobriety may be triggered just by walking by the liquor store or knowing that it is on the block you are walking on. It is best to avoid known triggers.

If you're feeling the urge to use, as hard as it may or will be, try to wait it out. If you can distract yourself even for 30 minutes, it's likely your craving will feel less intense; it may not totally disappear, however it can be easier to resist.

Shift focus on replacing your past substance abuse with new positive activities. Create a plan to occupy yourself; discover new hobbies or while at home see if there are any DIY projects that you can throw yourself into.

Create a plan when you find yourself compromised, this will segue into the next strategy...

Don't do this alone! sharing your struggles with friends and family, connecting with your sponsor who can help you locate a support group (there are groups that meet through video conferencing) is EXACTLY the support you need that will get you through. A support network will hold you accountable and provide a platform for you to express how you're feeling in a judgment-free zone.

Maintaining your health. One of the more effective ways to manage your sobriety is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a healthy nutritional track are of pivotal importance; not only will eating healthy boost your immune system, but it also facilitates positive mental health.

If you do relapse, please don't give up. A very good friend of mine told me that the cycle of sobriety is relapse; if at day 100 you fall off, it is not the end-all for you; you will get through this, just believe.

"Every piece of you is a burst of beautiful"

Below are a number of resources that can offer support when you feel that your sobriety is at risk.

  • AA-Alcoholics Anonymous-The worldwide 12 step abstinence program has extensive online resources.

  • Recovery Dharma-Utilizes Buddhist practices and principles to support those in recovery with online meditations and meetings.

  • Women for Sobriety-Dedicated to helping women recover from substance abuse with online gatherings.

  • Cocaine Anonymous Online-Offers online support through email and voice-only conference calls.

Free Apps

  • Connections-An evidence-based multipurpose app to help track sobriety and connect with supportive peers and addiction counselors.

  • I Am Sober-A popular app for planning and maintaining recovery.

  • SoberGrid-A large online sober-support community and peer counseling.

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