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Decisions Decisions....Mental Energy

Hello Beautiful People; I do not know where you are; I am hoping that your skies are filled with blue skies and sunshine (which is the case in NYC)..

Let's go...

Today's blog is about mental energy and its impact on decision making. The brain uses more energy than any other organ. Whether you're working on your taxes or creating a list, or working on a project, nerve cells are relaying electrical signals-and those messages absorb a surprising amount of energy. Like physical tasks, mental tasks burn glucose and oxygen. The deeper the concentration, the quicker you deplete energy that chips away at your mental stamina. Nowhere is this more present when we are stuck with making decisions.

Fish or chicken? the skirt or jeans? should I stay or should I go? Each choice requires that you take in and process lots of information, which can be extremely mentally exhausting. If you are like me and get frustrated at the idea of coming to a decision, no matter what the subject, try these simple strategies:

Aim for realism, the "good enough"

-When we settle for the good enough, we can be pleasantly surprised. Though I wanted to hit that hot restaurant in Tribeca, I decided to go another time opting to go to a Thai spot in my neighborhood; needless to say, I was very impressed with the food and service.

Limit your options

-Keep choices at a minimum, there is a distinct difference between 10 or 3 choices, the lesser the options, the easier and specific the choice.

Create a low choice lifestyle

-Plan meals, make as many activities habitual as you can whether it is going to the gym a number of days a week, date night or visiting mom a particular day; when aspects of our daily living are organized there is less stress with making decisions.

"You have to get up every morning and tell yourself "I can do this"


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