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Ladies loving your age, The Fabulous 40's Part II

It is Wednesday HUMP DAY Beautiful People!! mrehba (Welcome)

"Beauty starts in your head, not in the mirror"-Unknown

Beautiful people, thank you for the feedback on yesterday's post, I did not expect it! And to my 50's and 60's sisters, Your age group will be blogged about in the coming weeks. Again thank you, everyone, for the feedback and continued support.

Now, let's go...

The previous blog discussed physical health and the power of sleep. Today let's chat about mood and wait for it...your dental health!!

Your Mood. It is estimated that your odds of being depressed peaks in your 40s, a time when hormonal changes and stressful circumstances. This is a time of tremendous change, both physically and emotionally. You may be sending your children off to college, starting a new career, or realizing that the one you've had for years has reached a dead end. This is the time of life when many women end long-term relationships, begin new ones, or simply decide they want some time alone. It's also a time when you may be starting to deal with your parents' health issues or your own, coping with changes in your body, a sense of loss at the end of your fertility, and the physical effects of the menopausal transition.

So it's no wonder your mood has more highs and lows than the stock market.

Don't let anyone chalk it all up to fluctuating hormones, however. Although levels of estrogen and progesterone do become more varied during this time of life, dropping significantly after menopause, they aren't directly related to mood or depression in middle-aged women. We know this because when researchers compared blood levels of reproductive hormones in women with perimenopausal depression to those of women who weren't depressed, they found no differences.

So if you can't blame it on hormones, what's going on?

Life! You have a lot going on right now in your life. Much of it is good, but some of it may be painful or difficult (aging parents, financial problems, relationship challenges). Plus, even good things can become overwhelmingly stressful. While the occasional down day or mood swing isn't anything to worry about, if these feelings become entrenched and begin interfering with your quality of life and daily activities, you may need to be evaluated for clinical depression. Whether your mood swings are related to depression or other issues in your life, certain lifestyle changes may also help. For instance, numerous studies find regular exercise can help reduce the risk of depression and improve mood. Social interaction is also important, with studies finding that supportive social relationship can improve the quality of life for those with depression and may even protect women against depression.

The bottom line: pay attention to how you're feeling emotionally as well as physically. If you notice the lows are more frequent than the highs, take action. This is a great time of life, and nothing should get in the way of your ability to enjoy it!

Your teeth, your gums. Dental care is important at any age, however from the '40s and beyond, it is paramount. Women over 40 are normally in the pre-menopausal stage, thus experiencing some hormonal changes. Women who incur health issues in their 40's may be prescribed medication that can result in dry mouth possibly giving way to gum disease and/or cavities" says Richard Argant, dentist and founder of Divine Smile (his private practice in Deming, New Mexico. "If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, you may be one of the 50% of adults with periodontal diseases, a condition that increases inflammation, a set up for heart diseases, stroke and diabetes (for those who don't know, there is a link between heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and poor dental health). After age 35, the risk increases, so it is vital to practice healthy teeth and gum habits now. Dr. Argant also states a routine of regular dental care by a dentist, incorporating flossing as a regular part of oral hygiene and a diet that is consistent with low to no refine and processed sugar is key to great dental health.

Tomorrow: skincare and health screenings in your 40's

Divine Smile (Dentistry)

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