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Manifesting what you actually want

"Inner peace is like a clean and spacious room, empty of unnecessary, old or broken stuff"

-Remez Sasson

Let's go.......

I want to take a moment to validate those who have taken the crucial step to uncover what you need to manifest what you actually want. This is a powerful way you're asserting that you are ready to shed what no longer serves you so you can step into and live from a space of true potential.

When it comes to manifesting what you actually want, we have to begin to uncover what might be keeping you from it a subconscious level.

The thing is, we are manifesting ALL THE TIME. If you feel stuck in some area of your life, this is an indication of an energetic block that is asking for your attention to understand so you can release it, so that you can expand and create the energetic space for what you really want to come through. Everything that's showing up in your life is a reflection of your own energetic influence.

It's not your fault and you are not alone in struggling to call in what you most want but it is your divine responsibility to clear yourself of old patterns and programs that are keeping you limited.

Reflect. Take time to process what's happening inside of you. Notice what feelings come up, what stories you're telling yourself that you're believing as truth (e.g. I'm not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc..) get curious about where you first learned this way of thinking.

Breathe. You have to be centered to tap into truth. Introspective intervention occurs at a level of consciousness that can only be accessed when the chatter settles to open the space for you to hear clearly. Breath is an anchor and refuge for peace. It is always accessible to you; use it. It is your gift and your friend. It helps clear your channels for high vibrational energy and connects you closely to your inner world, to that which you will create outside of yourself.

This is an opportunity to embrace your full, whole self, perfect in its authentic expression.

At the core of your blocks, is shadow. The shadow self encompasses parts of you that you have kept hidden out of shame, fear, and conditioning. Exposing your shadow can help integrate it into a full sense of self so that there's no part of you that you need to hide from yourself or others.

Manifesting your true self can be the portal to your liberation and manifestation.


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