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Self-Worth Redefinition: "I Am Enough"

Hello Beautiful People!! Salamat datang!! (Welcome)

"A negative mind will never give you a positive life"- Shiori Obata

Let's go......

For my sisters...(brothers, you are not forgotten)......

As women, we go through many different phases in life-single life, career development/change, marriage, motherhood, divorce-all which bring their own unique challenges. Many women will find at some point, they struggle with their self-worth and not feel good enough.

A lack of self-worth can affect a woman's everyday life in many ways. A woman used to working may struggle with the idea of staying home after a layoff or having to care for her child/children (many have struggled with this at the onset of the pandemic). A working mother may feel undervalued for all that she does at her job and for her family. A woman thinking of a career change may feel judged for not sticking with one path. Women often feel pressured by expectations that they be the ideal parent, the one who "holds it all down," have the right body image or external appearance to please other people. These pressures can make women feel like they are only valued if they achieve something that is seen as worthy by the society they live in. When women don't feel like they are living up to these high standards, their self-esteem drops and begin to feel that they are not good enough.

We need to redefine our self-worth, on our own terms. When we feel "good enough" we feel valued, confident, and worthy in any or all the roles we undertake:

Define your idea of what being being "good enough" is

How do you define being "good enough"? What does that look like for you?

What is the importance of being "good enough"

Why is being "good enough" important to you? does this effect your everyday living, ability to function, or sense of being valued?

What are your positive traits?

List 5-10 personal traits you have. This will help you see worth in your traits rather than external things, such as looks, finance, educational, or career achievements. Personal traits are not to be confused with the roles you play in life.

What's shaped your identity?

Explore how your identity has been shaped and influenced by other people, groups, or society. This will help you re-assess your idea of self -worth.

Exploring your past

Revisit your past. Expectations, especially placed in childhood can shape your identity; therefore it is vital for you to identify these. Write down any negative words or events that you feel may have changed the way you view yourself. Is there a significant event or situation in your life where you have been told you're not "good enough"?

The impact of feeling "not good enough"

It is important to understand how feeling "not good enough" is impacting your life and also those around you. Do you feel the need to constantly please others or to constantly strive to achieve something else that's going to make you feel good?

Take positive action

What would you like to see change? list 3-5 positive changes you would like to see happen. Be as specific as possible. It could be a new thought or approach towards something that has previously made you feel not "good enough"

Redefining self-worth

For you to see change, a shift must occur. You need to prioritize what is important to you in order to make this happen. You don't need to neglect everything else, but you must also find value in yourself in order to redefine your self-worth.

You got this, now share......

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