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Becoming a Sacred Observer

Hello Beautiful People! Bienvenida

"There is nothing more important in the world than loving yourself"

Let's go......

We all have thoughts about ourselves, some of which create rigid rules and core beliefs about life. in some cases, our thoughts and inner beliefs are empowering, but in many cases, we have unwise thoughts about who we are and what we believe. Even though the way we perceive ourselves might not always be glowing, we are each doing the best we can. We did not consciously choose our identity-it was molded by the circumstances of our life and by things that our family and other people told us.

Our identities are shaped by the emotional environment of our early childhood years, which we tend to re-create in adult years. We are programmed by the thoughts and belief systems of our parents, who were shaped by the beliefs of their parents. Sometimes we will even treat ourselves the way our parents treated us. In your quest to connect with your soul, remember that you are not your identity. Who you truly are is so much more magnificent, remarkable, and eternal. To take on the act of loosening your identity, it is important to first become aware of it. Do not try to get rid of it; instead, become the sacred observer and examine your ego, self-concept, beliefs, and rules about life without judgment. Observing yourself will help you claim your authentic self.

Your identity is a detailed concept about yourself that you cart around you with through life. it is a jumble of evaluations, opinions, rules, and perceptions about yourself that serves as a filter through which you view every experience. The problem is that you may not be aware of even a small percentage of the enormous number of beliefs about yourself and the world that you hold. Your beliefs about life and yourself are so ever-present that you often do not even know that they are there. It is like the air that is all around us, but we are rarely aware of it. In other words, the more aware you become of the thoughts, concepts, and perceptions you have about who you are, the more you can begin to ascertain who you REALLY are.

My challenge to you today-observe your thoughts and situations around you-become the sacred observer. Pay attention to your internal dialogue, observe the language and words that you use. If you discern that your language is filled with disempowering words, consider substituting more empowering ones. You feel different when you use different words. Changing your language can change your life. Be aware of your reactions to the experiences you have on this day. Ask yourself, "for me to feel this way about this situation, what would I have to think and believe about myself and the world around me?'

Become a silent witness for a day, without judgment or evaluation. Watch yourself, your actions, and reactions. Observe the language you use; do you use empowering or disempowering language when talking about yourself or about life? Notice the types of thoughts you have on a consistent basis. Do your thoughts bring you closer to your authentic self or take you away from your source?


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