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To Thy Own Self Be True.....

Beautiful People! Bienvenue ! (welcome!)

"Worry about loving yourself first instead of loving the idea of other people loving you."


Let's go...

Taking the time to examine yourself can help develop a strong sense of self-confidence. Introspection is the examination or observation of one's own emotional and mental processes; the key to gaining peace and comfort in your authentic skin. I have struggled in my own experience with gaining self-confidence. I began to realize that coming to peace with my own projections of lacking self-esteem, was the key to internal resolution. As human beings, we can not deny the process of introspection.

Introspective Concepts

One key to building self-confidence is finding your authentic self. Doing an honest evaluation of yourself without negative self-talk is a good first step. You will find the benefits of first seeing yourself in your own truth to really see others in their security. Introspection such as this will help develop your discernment and awareness abilities. This isn't an overnight process, it takes courage to be introspective. When building your confidence, allow space for yourself to heal and give love that you ideally want for others to yourself first. Take it easy on yourself, we are our harshest critics; it is important for you to get a chance to flourish in your ow authenticity.

Rooting yourself in gratitude will expand your personal growth; when you embrace gratitude, it will remove any bitterness within yourself. Throughout this process, you may find yourself becoming humble. As you embrace your authenticity, you will begin to find and heal your own peace of mind. You will uncover that your projections on others are based on your lack of understanding. Being humble will then be a natural product of the process. As you begin to build a strong foundation of self-confidence, your perspective will change. People will be able to recognize your growth. You may find yourself giving up on judging others completely or using labels to come to an understanding with others. It will feel good to reach this type of open-mindedness. Freeing yourself of past limitations will internally reinforce your own authenticity.

As with anything else, cultivating your self-confidence is a process. It won't always feel good, in the long run, it will be rewarding. It will take time to self-improve, don't give up, you are so worth it. An honest evaluation of yourself is the key to self-confidence. Introspection will provide you with the security that will lead to self-fulfillment. Introspection is a gift that gives us complete freedom to determine our own future and our own success because we can choose to operate in our areas of strength while acknowledging our weaknesses and managing them. Introspection without the self-confidence to bring about positive personal change is a wasted opportunity.

Introspection promotes self-fulfillment, inner peace, and positive energy.

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