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Wellness Wednesday: Understanding the Law of Vibration

Happy Wednesday Beautiful People! We are at the midway mark of the week!

Let's go...

Last night after my evening ritual of meditation and reflection, for some reason I thought about the universe, the impact it has on us, and our impact on it. I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine who practices Buddhism; he says that all things in the universe consist of vibration. One of history's greatest minds Albert Einstein worked in the world of vibration and possibility. he understood and proved that vibration is the language of the universe. What if you could take what he found and apply it to your life to make significant changes?

Everything in the universe is made up of vibration; water, animals, our bodies and thoughts are made up of vibration. The law of vibration states that these vibrations resonate with a frequency that is perceived and felt by all that the frequency encounters. Simply put, the law of vibration is a law of nature; nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates be it slow, or fast..everything vibrates.

While the feelings of fear, grief, and despair vibrate at a very low frequency, love, joy, gratitude vibrate at very high frequency. To relate this to your life, think of the last time you were sad or angry; more than likely there were feelings of isolation or the need to withdraw. According to the law of vibration, this is a low-frequency state. Now think of a time when you were happy, this is a high-frequency state.

Ok, now that you know the law of vibration, how can you put this to practical use and relate it to life and work? well, all you have to do is raise your vibrational frequency level every day. There are many ways to do this; there is no right or wrong way to adopt these practices into your life.

Breathe deep full grateful breaths for five minutes.

Meditate-quite the mind and open the heart morning and evening.

Yoga or any type of movement that works for you that balances your center.

Practice gratitude as much as possible, have an attitude of being grateful.

Move! positive emotion is created by motion; so put on your favorite song and turn up!

Prayer is a powerful way to raise not only raise your personal vibrational frequency but also our global vibrational frequency (FYI: you need not be affiliated with religion to pray; the act of prayer is a spiritual tool).

Lastly but just as vital, laughter. This is the fastest way to raise your frequency. Watch a funny stand up (I am partial to Dave Chapelle LOL)..laugh into prosperity...

"Everything in life is vibration"

-Albert Einstein

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