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Discovering your emotional energy..

Hello Beautiful People!

We all stew in our emotions; some emotions such as love and happiness lift our spirits, while others, worry, and sadness can create apathy and drown us of our strength. With a few simple strategies, you can tip the scale towards positive feelings and tap into that emotional energy portal.

Let's go...

My previous post touched on self-compassion as a tool to exercise social distancing. This time we are going to re-visit self-compassion as a method against worry/stress. If your inner thoughts are caught up in a cycle of anxiety, worry or stress, self-compassion is an effective way to set yourself free. I believe that compassion is one of the more powerful emotional energies out there. Self-compassion is the foundation of meditative practice (I have an upcoming post on meditation, be on the lookout). For today's post, follow this brief meditation:

Sitting quietly with your eyes closed, allow your mind to focus on the particular issue that is causing the worry/stress-what it is, why it happened, and what may happen next. Then for the next 5 minutes:

-Acknowledge the issue, say to yourself "This is hard right now" or "I am really struggling"

-Remind yourself that going through it is a part of life; say "I am not the only one going through this, it's not weird to feel this way."

-Now here comes the self-compassion act-offer yourself the kindness you would give to a friend or family member by placing both hands over your heart and saying "I am here for you, it is going to be ok, I care about you." you can add any word that expresses your wish to be happy, worry-free and whole.

Emotional energy....powerful

"Create explosive confidence"

-Robin Sharma

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